Wednesday WOD 2

Jan 20, 2021

 by Marco Sanchez

Welcome back to our Community WOD! 

We’re continuing to use intervals this week, except now we’re going to be doing :30 of work followed by :30 of rest. We’ll be completing four rounds of one exercise like this before resting for a full minute, then we move on to another exercise following the same protocol. 

In order to keep you accountable and to track your progress I’ve included a rep tracking sheet that you can print. I would like you to keep track of how many reps you complete in each :30 interval. After you’re all done with today’s workout tally up all your reps, the total is your score. Don’t throw these sheets out, we’ll need them later on to see how much you’ve improved!

Here is this week’s workout: 


Warm Up:

2 minutes cardio of your choice




Up Downs

-Rest 1 Minute-



-Rest 1 Minute


Push Ups





Tracking Sheet: Community WOD 2 (tracking sheet).pdf


Follow Along Video:


My Score: