Wednesday WOD 1

Jan 13, 2021

 by Marco Sanchez

I'm excited to be sharing this workout with you! Every Wednesday for 2021 I'll be posting a workout that can be done almost anywhere. All you'll need is room to move, a way of tracking your reps/time, and about 20 minutes. One of the most common issues most of us run into when trying to workout is carving out one to two hours for the workout. These workouts will be great whether you're in need of short quick workouts that you can do anywhere, or you would like to get a bonus workout throughout the week. Plus this will be a great way for us to stay connected. 

The rules for these workouts are simple: 

  1. No judgement, be kind to yourself when doing these workouts. The point is to build sustainable habits, we're after progress not perfection. 
  2. Give me your all for 20 minutes. These workouts are short on purpose, you deserve this time!
  3. Post your score. No matter how you feel about your score....POST IT! This is how you'll be able to track your progress and how we can stay connected during our time away from the gym. 

Here's a timer you can use if you're doing this workout on your own:

Here's the rep tracking sheet you can use for this workout: Rep Tracker WOD 1.pdf

After completing today's workout you can post your score in the comments below. I look forward to getting to do these workouts with you, please let me know if you have any questions. 

Wednesday WOD 1
Today we'll be using a tabata timer for our workout. This means we'll be working for :20 and "resting" for :10.
During the rest periods make sure to write down the number or reps you complete in each round.
We'll add all of your reps up at the end and this will be your score for today.

Tabata 1
Air Squats
Step Back Lunges

Rest 1-2 Minutes

Tabata 2
Pop Squats
Lateral Lunges

Here's a follow along video, if you rather do this workout on your the description to know what to do. Have fun!